Support Staff

Andrew C. Costello
Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Andrew began his career as a letter of credit specialist and loan administrator at the Bank of Bermuda (New York) Ltd. (now HSBC Bank), handling both international and domestic transactions. Thereafter, he launched a new career as a professional opera singer, performing at major opera houses and concert halls both in the US and in Europe. Andrew recently returned to New York City and worked as a bookkeeper and Excel designer for various retail companies. Andrew holds a BA in Economics from Tufts University. He joined KB&G at the beginning of 2013.

Clark F. Edrehi
Paralegal and Receptionist

Clark attended Staten Island College and The Fashion Institute of Technology. He then worked in the fashion industry for 30 years, directing production for Carolina Herrera, Halston, Carmen Marc Volvo, Anna Sui and Zac Posen. Clark joined KB&G in 2014.

Harry Lichter
Paralegal and Receptionist

Harry attended the University of Florida, where he majored in Business Administration. After college, Harry moved to New York City and began a 40-plus year career on the Fixed Income side of Investment Banking, working for such companies as Salomon Brothers, what are now UBS and Wells Fargo and finally retiring from Deutsche Bank in 2012. Harry has been with the firm since 2013.

Thomas McLoughlin
Paralegal and Receptionist

Tom holds a BA from Belmont Abbey College. He spent 25 years with Swiss Bank Corporation as an operations officer in the corporate lending department and 10 years with The Mizuho Corporate Bank as head of the Data Control Department. Tom has been with the firm since July of 2013.

Tsylya Fridlyand

Tsylya Fridlyand holds a Masters in Science from the Moscow Energy Institute and the equivalent of a B.A. from the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages. Ms. Fridlyand was an editor for Ogres in Moscow for almost 28 years before joining KB&G as our librarian in December 2007.


Harry and I worked out a very complex and challenging technological agreement on behalf of Seagram and DuPont with a reluctant third party venturer. Despite the strong potential for conflicts of interest and several seeming stalemates, Harry made it work, and work well.

Jack B. Wielar
Business Consultant (Formerly: DuPont Separation Systems, Georgia Pacific, Norel Paper Company)

Jack has helped in securing our top talent by preparing and negotiating employment agreements for our key personnel in our restaurant and wine bar businesses. He has also helped amend our investor and operating documentation, strengthening our agreements, resulting in peace of mind. Jack is extremely good at what he does. I recommend him unequivocally for all hospitality-related legal work.

August Cardona
Epicurean Management Co.

When Jack took on my wrongful termination case, he immediately understood the value of my employment agreement because he writes them himself. He was exactly what I needed in a lawyer. He stood up to a large technology corporation and got me everything I was owed.

Josh Segal

Harry understands business issues, not just the legal side of business. And whenever I call him, I get a response right away. If a contract needs to be written, it happens. That day.

Christian W. Breitweiser
Corporate Jet Support, Inc.

In addition to being one of the smartest individuals I know, Jack is extremely good at what he does. He has a terrific capacity to listen to my explanation of a business problem, process it and rephrase it, displaying an acute comprehension of the issue or problem. I’m very happy with all the legal work he and his firm do for my company.

August Cardona
Epicurean Management Co.