Entertainment and the Arts

KB&G represents domestic and international clients from a wide range of the arts, including Academy Award® and Grammy® Award winners. The firm’s diverse client base has included artists such as soprano Kathleen Battle, Basia, and artists’ manager, film and Broadway producer (“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Peter Allen: Up in One”) Dee Anthony, whose acts ranged from Tony Bennett to Peter Frampton, Peter Allen, Traffic and Devo. The firm also represents songwriters and music publishers in pop, rock, country and urban genres, including a copyright holder and co-publisher of the composition “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” (from the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack), KB&G also has represented Waterland Designs, LLC, the acoustic engineer and designer of several world renowned recording studios. The firm represents graphic designers and print artists, including, for example, collage artist Bruce Helander, whose “Love Letters”© appear throughout this website, and prominent photographers Ryan McGinley, Eric Cahan, Brian Alterio and Mark Ellis. KB&G has been long time counsel to Lowenstein Associates, a literary agency that represents best selling authors in the fiction, medical, business and fitness genres. KB&G also represents CityListen, electronic publisher of MP3 downloadable neighborhood theme tours.


Michael excels in navigating the grey areas where answers (and sometimes even the questions) are not clear. Michael is much more than just our attorney - he is a highly valued advisor and confidante.

Brian Gold
Owner and President, Sultana Distribution Services Inc.

I brought Harry in as General Counsel for several packaging companies which I ran or for which I consulted. He is my lawyer of choice. Harry not only is the preeminent deal lawyer I know, he is a business expert. He is the best business advisor I have in the world.

Jack B. Wielar
Business Consultant (Formerly: DuPont Separation Systems, Georgia Pacific, Norel Paper Company)

Harry understands business issues, not just the legal side of business. And whenever I call him, I get a response right away. If a contract needs to be written, it happens. That day.

Christian W. Breitweiser
Corporate Jet Support, Inc.

Michael Kent has been the lawyer for my literary agency for over a decade. He has always been very supportive and has been an excellent guide on all aspects of the law. I would highly recommend Kent, Beatty & Gordon for any and all legal matters.

Barbara Lowenstein
CEO, Lowenstein Associates, Inc.

In addition to being one of the smartest individuals I know, Jack is extremely good at what he does. He has a terrific capacity to listen to my explanation of a business problem, process it and rephrase it, displaying an acute comprehension of the issue or problem. I’m very happy with all the legal work he and his firm do for my company.

August Cardona
Epicurean Management Co.