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Jack Gordon guided our company and its Board of Directors through a series of very delicate situations involving employment matters relating to our senior executives. He investigated and addressed all the necessary issues. His help in navigating these challenges brought about a series of successful resolutions. His professionalism and knowledge were invaluable.

Ray Musci
CEO, Atrinsic, Inc.

Jack has helped in securing our top talent by preparing and negotiating employment agreements for our key personnel in our restaurant and wine bar businesses. He has also helped amend our investor and operating documentation, strengthening our agreements, resulting in peace of mind. Jack is extremely good at what he does. I recommend him unequivocally for all hospitality-related legal work.

August Cardona
Epicurean Management Co.

Harry represented Seagram when my company purchased their Puerto Rico operations. He was talented and tough, but forthright and fair. When he left Seagram, we wanted him on our side, and we have relied on him ever since.

Felix J. Serrallés, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Destileria Serrallés, Inc.

Harry and I worked out a very complex and challenging technological agreement on behalf of Seagram and DuPont with a reluctant third party venturer. Despite the strong potential for conflicts of interest and several seeming stalemates, Harry made it work, and work well.

Jack B. Wielar
Business Consultant (Formerly: DuPont Separation Systems, Georgia Pacific, Norel Paper Company)

During the sixteen years that KB&G has represented Sultana, it has grown into one of the region’s largest confectionery and food product distributors. Michael and his dedicated team earned my trust many years ago and now handle all aspects of our business including financing, employee matters, distribution agreements, real estate transactions, commercial litigations, and special projects which require cutting-edge contracts.

Brian Gold
Owner and President, Sultana Distribution Services Inc.