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Harry represented Seagram when my company purchased their Puerto Rico operations. He was talented and tough, but forthright and fair. When he left Seagram, we wanted him on our side, and we have relied on him ever since.

Felix J. Serrallés, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Destileria Serrallés, Inc.

When Jack took on my wrongful termination case, he immediately understood the value of my employment agreement because he writes them himself. He was exactly what I needed in a lawyer. He stood up to a large technology corporation and got me everything I was owed.

Josh Segal

In addition to being one of the smartest individuals I know, Jack is extremely good at what he does. He has a terrific capacity to listen to my explanation of a business problem, process it and rephrase it, displaying an acute comprehension of the issue or problem. I’m very happy with all the legal work he and his firm do for my company.

August Cardona
Epicurean Management Co.

Jack and Harry transcend the typical definition of what an attorney does. They have an eloquent way of stating the facts and solutions; it is almost like poetry. I’ve worked with both and relied on their expertise to get the job done. They are never reluctant to state their professional opinion on what is best for a client. The attorneys at KB&G are truly a great combination of both business and personal attorneys.

Bobby Werhane
Experience hospitality LLC

Being an attorney, I can tell you that there are many firms that can analyze the legal positions but few that can utilize that knowledge and bring about an extremely positive result for the client, which KB&G has done in its representation of us.

Thomas J. Cannon, III, Esq.
Flag Wharf Inc.