Employment Law and Executive Compensation

KB&G's Employment Law and Executive Compensation practice, headed by Jack A. Gordon, focuses on executive compensation, employee benefits and employee rights and involves the representation of both employers and employees. The firm has represented dozens of companies and hundreds of employees, including directors and managing directors, officers, executives and senior managers in a variety of industries and businesses, including banking and investment banking, brokerages, trading houses, hedge funds, retail sales and manufacturing, services industries, not-for-profits and educators, and medical and legal professionals. [read more]

In addition, the Firm regularly counsels employers in a variety of industries in connection with employment and employment benefits matters generally, including assisting in formulating employment policies, in areas ranging from drugs and alcohol to disability and discrimination, and in preparing employee handbooks. The firm also regularly assists its clients in defending against or otherwise disposing of claims for putative benefits allegedly due, wrongful discharge, discrimination and other employee claims.


Jack and Harry transcend the typical definition of what an attorney does. They have an eloquent way of stating the facts and solutions; it is almost like poetry. I’ve worked with both and relied on their expertise to get the job done. They are never reluctant to state their professional opinion on what is best for a client. The attorneys at KB&G are truly a great combination of both business and personal attorneys.

Bobby Werhane
Experience hospitality LLC

I was recommended to Michael by a partner at a large firm who realized that my then start-up company could not afford that firm’s fees. At KB&G I receive the expertise of a large firm delivered with a sensitivity to the realities of my budget. Michael helps guide me through the minefields that face young entrepreneurs.

Eric Zemsky
Founder and CEO of Spellbound Media, Inc.

I brought Harry in as General Counsel for several packaging companies which I ran or for which I consulted. He is my lawyer of choice. Harry not only is the preeminent deal lawyer I know, he is a business expert. He is the best business advisor I have in the world.

Jack B. Wielar
Business Consultant (Formerly: DuPont Separation Systems, Georgia Pacific, Norel Paper Company)

When I was exploring an investment opportunity, Harry thought of every aspect to protect my money. He developed a structure and implemented it right away, protecting my assets while facilitating the investment itself.

Christian W. Breitweiser
Corporate Jet Support, Inc.

For more than 20 years, we have found Kent Beatty & Gordon to have unquestionable integrity and ethics. The quality of the firm’s legal work and dedication is excellent. We have been completely satisfied with their expertise, knowledge and diligence.

Alberto J. Torruella, Esq.
Executive Vice President, Destileria Serrallés, Inc.