Telecommunications and Internet Law

Through its Telecommunications and Internet Law practice, co-headed by Jack A. Gordon and Christine Rafin, KB&G counsels its clients in the rapidly-evolving fields of Internet, mobile marketing and telemarketing law, data privacy and security law, communications law and related intellectual property law. KB&G’s attorneys have extensive experience representing affiliate networks, publishers and billing aggregators, among others, in a wide array of matters before state attorneys general, state regulatory agencies, public utilities commissions, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in consumer class action defense and in federal and state courts.

KB&G’s attorneys counsel clients regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Telemarketing Sales Rule and the FTC Act, and have defended private actions and class actions brought under the TCPA, the FTC Act, California’s anti-spam law, and numerous states’ deceptive marketing laws, as well as in mobile and landline “cramming” litigation.

The firm also works with clients to protect their telecommunication and Internet-related trademark and copyright rights, including by issuing takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. KB&G has represented on-line advertising service providers, MMO and RPG developers, and numerous on-line companies in litigations, including under the Lanham Act and state unfair competition laws. The firm’s attorneys also represent clients in copyright disputes with Getty Images and disputes with, and audit requests of, the Business Software Alliance.


Harry represented Seagram when my company purchased their Puerto Rico operations. He was talented and tough, but forthright and fair. When he left Seagram, we wanted him on our side, and we have relied on him ever since.

Felix J. Serrallés, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Destileria Serrallés, Inc.

Harry and I worked out a very complex and challenging technological agreement on behalf of Seagram and DuPont with a reluctant third party venturer. Despite the strong potential for conflicts of interest and several seeming stalemates, Harry made it work, and work well.

Jack B. Wielar
Business Consultant (Formerly: DuPont Separation Systems, Georgia Pacific, Norel Paper Company)

KB&G did an excellent job representing us in an extremely complex matter relating not only to asset-based financing in the real estate arena, but also public securities issues. Harry Beatty and Michael Kent were not only absolutely on point on the legal issues, but they were also able to bring about a practical economic solution to our over $50 million problem.

Thomas J. Cannon, III, Esq.
Flag Wharf Inc.

I tend to operate at 1,000 miles per hour and Michael somehow manages to keep up with me. I have never seen him lose his cool or his focus. His personalized involvement and caring is extremely refreshing and allows me the freedom to devote my energies to the creative aspects of my businesses.

Renee Greenstein
Fashion Designer and on-air TV personality

Jack has helped in securing our top talent by preparing and negotiating employment agreements for our key personnel in our restaurant and wine bar businesses. He has also helped amend our investor and operating documentation, strengthening our agreements, resulting in peace of mind. Jack is extremely good at what he does. I recommend him unequivocally for all hospitality-related legal work.

August Cardona
Epicurean Management Co.